Kidnapping of Aldo Moro

The kidnapping of Aldo Moro Italian: Caso Morowas a seminal event in Italian political history. On the morning of 16 Marchthe day on which the new cabinet led by Giulio Andreotti was supposed to have undergone a confidence vote in the Italian Parliamentthe car of Aldo Moroformer prime minister and then prossimi incontri di josè aldo of Incontri sex perugia Democracy Italian: Firing automatic weapons, the terrorists killed Moro's bodyguards, two Carabinieri in Moro's car and three policemen in the following car and kidnapped him. On 9 May Moro's body was found in the trunk of a Renault 4 in Via Caetani after 55 days of imprisonment, during which Moro was submitted to a political trial by the so-called "people's court" set up by the Brigate Rosse and the Italian government was asked for an exchange of prisoners. The terrorists had prepared the ambush by parking two cars in Via Mario Fani which, once moved, would prevent Moro's cars from escaping. According to the official reconstruction at the subsequent trials, eleven people [2] participated in the assault. However, several doubts have been cast on the terrorists' declarations on prossimi incontri di josè aldo the official accounts were based, and about the exact identity of the ambush team's members. An unknown number, from at least two to the whole team, were wearing Alitalia airline crew uniforms. In the upper part of the road, and on the right-hand side, Mario Moretti was inside a Fiat with a fake diplomatic license plate. Alvaro Lojacono and Alessio Casimirri were in another Fiat some meters ahead of him. On the opposite side there was a third Fiatwith Barbara Balzerani inside, facing the supposed direction from which Moro would arrive. Moro left his house a few minutes before 9: He was sitting in a blue Fiat driven by Domenico Ricci. Another carabinieremarshal Oreste Leonardi, sat beside him.

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Chichiarelli would later issue further false communications from the Red Brigades. According to the 'Ndrangheta pentito Francesco Fonti , his boss Sebastiano Romeo was involved in attempts to locate the place where Moro was held. Writers, including Moro's brother, underlined how the BR's communication lacked any reference to the possible role of the Communist Party in the Italian government. Jose Aldo stops Jeremy Stephens with first-round body shot". Guglielmi admitted that he was in via Stresa, but only because he had been invited to lunch by a colleague. Retrieved July 27, Aldo defended his title against Manvel Gamburyan by KO at 1: Some 30 years after the events Steve Pieczenik, an expert on terrorism of the US State Department, declared in an interview that the decision to issue the false communication was taken during a meeting of the crisis committee, present at which were Francesco Cossiga, members of the Italian intelligence agencies and Franco Ferracuti as previously mentioned, a member of P2. Ultimate Fighting Championship current champions. These killed all the five members of the escort but left Moro with only a light wound in his thigh. Well, I felt that no one of them liked Moro or appreciated him as a person, including Cossiga.

Prossimi incontri di josè aldo

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Prossimi incontri di josè aldo